Hotels near Charleston Progressive Academy

Nearby Places
Wraggs Mall (0.1 miles)
Joseph Manigault (0.1 miles)
Wragg Square (0.1 miles)
Courtenay School (0.1 miles)
Second Presbyterian Church (0.1 miles)
US Drug Enforcement Administration (0.1 miles)
New Tabernacle Fourth Baptist Church (0.2 miles)
Wallingford Presbyterian Church (0.2 miles)
William Aiken House (0.2 miles)
Old Citadel (0.2 miles)
The Center (0.2 miles)
Memorial Baptist Church (0.2 miles)
Charleston County Library (0.2 miles)
Citadel Square Baptist Church (0.2 miles)
Marion Square (0.2 miles)
Saint Matthews Lutheran Church (0.2 miles)
Wragg Borough Homes (0.2 miles)
Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church (0.2 miles)
Charleston Civic Design Center (0.2 miles)
Saint Patricks Catholic Church (0.2 miles)
Morris Brown African Methodist Episcopal Church (0.3 miles)
College of Charleston Kelly House (0.3 miles)
College of Charleston McAlister Hall (0.3 miles)
J E Beard Chapel (0.3 miles)
Central Baptist Church (0.3 miles)
Buist Academy (0.3 miles)
Saint Patricks School (0.3 miles)
College of Charleston Berry Hall (0.3 miles)
College of Charleston Lightsey Center (0.3 miles)
East Bay Post Office (0.3 miles)
Saint Johns Episcopal Church (0.3 miles)
New Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church (0.3 miles)
Saint Josephs Roman Catholic Church (0.3 miles)
College of Charleston College Lodge (0.3 miles)
Cathedral Church of Saint Luke and Saint Paul (0.3 miles)
College of Charleston Bell South Building (0.3 miles)
College of Charleston Kresse Arena (0.3 miles)
Saint Josephs School (0.3 miles)
Saint Lukes Reformed Episcopal Church (0.3 miles)